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Fantastic signs and service

Received today and very happy with the product as well as the service provided by this merchant.
This company had my package packed and shipped one day after the order was placed and it was received in less than 3 days. Great service!
I am replacing my signs that require batteries. I love the look of these much better and they are brighter.
My only concern is that I drive a small SUV. How do I keep the one in the back from falling out of the holder every time I lift the trunk?
I will make it work but any suggestions are appreciated!

Very bright

I m in love whit my new sign very bright easy install perfect size!!

Uber Blue/Lyft LED Sign
Orhei, Anamaria
Great sigh

You can buy it’s well made and affordable

Uber Blue LED Light Sign

Uber Blue LED Sign
bedi Joel BLEY
Great Product

I Recommend this product to anyone.

Instacart LED Sign
Bryce Kelley
Instacart/DoorDasher Approved!

Great for night deliveries or during bad weather! Easier to be spotted by customers!

Doordash LED Sign
José Barboza


Nice and bright!.

This led sign looks more profesional than the others one I have seen. It is bright, good battery life and the color combination makes it perfect for pax to see you. Thanks.

Uber Lyft LED Sign
Bernard Dioquino

I’ve been longtime searching for Lyft Uber light sign till I saw this driver who have it and told me me how he got it . That moment I ordered it . It catch my attention right away because it’s very bright. There’s no way your riders will missed you. Love it a lot . I recommend every driver to get one of this.

Can’t not ask 4 better Great light…5 stars light….

Lyft LED Sign
Boualem Lalioui

Lyft LED Light Sign

Beacon in the night

Great led light to let the riders know you are there. Lasts quite awhile too before needing charging.

Uber Lyft LED Sign
Calin Oprea
Very fancy ride share light sign

Excellent product, very elegant, very visible in dark, strong internal battery. I get compliments everywhere. Good job!

Uber LED Sign
Dale Roberts

Uber LED Light Sign

Uber Blue/Lyft LED Sign
Bradley Woodruff
Great light

Customers love it

Very professional

Looks great and it lights up at night makes you easier to find!

Great product at a great price

Love the look. Helps people identify me and makes my car look like a legit Uber. Love it.

Uber Blue LED Light Sign

Great !!!

Doordash LED Sign
Steve Lawson
Great product!

I use it for DoorDash. Easy install. Works great. No problems so far. I really like it!

very good thank you

Uber Blue LED Sign
Hector Urbina

Uber Blue/Lyft LED Light Sign

Uber Lyft LED Sign
Vasil Dimitrov

Looks good and it's wireless! Highly recommend!

Uber Eats LED Sign
Michael Lawrence
Great UberEats Driver sign for your car

I originally bought the DoorDash and just recently added this one. They are great to let people (and police) know you are a delivery driver and that you are making deliveries to avoid any unpleasant experiences from unusual temporary parking while making deliveries and also look really good on top of that. Since they light up with just the right amount of brightness, they really stand out without being annoying or interfering with your driving. I get tons of compliments from them and customers love being able to see the delivery driver is arriving to drop off their order. I hope they expand the list of companies that they have signs for and also add a yellow & white light-up sign for the rear of the vehicle stating you are a delivery vehicle and make frequent or unexpected stops.


Todo perfecto lo recomiendo

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