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Uber Blue/Lyft LED Sign - White Outline

Uber LED Sign
Jesus Urdaneta
Muy buen servicio

Todo muy bien

Lyft LED Sign
Marion Lynn Mosher
Lyft sign

They work perfectly and are easy to install, recharge in no time.

Uber Blue/Lyft LED Sign - White Outline
Henry Enriquez Hernández

Es útil y luce espectacular

Lyft /Uber lighted window sign.

I am pleased with my lighted car window sign. It looks nice and functions well. Thank you.

Uber Lyft LED Sign
William Jackson
Works Great!! Bright!!

Makes riders finding you simple. Last long time on single charge. Going buy another.


The Uber Lyft LED sign works good and creates awareness for my riders

Uber Lyft LED Sign
Antonio Restrepo
Best Electronic Lyft/Uber Signage around

Looks Profession, Clear and easy to read, rechargeable battery! what is there not to like!

Bright, easy to see

The only thing I would change is the location of the on/off switch. It would be much easier to reach over and switch it on if it could be pushed from the back as it would press against the windshield rather than move away from you as you press the side. Other than a personal preference, it works as intended though, not a deal breaker, the battery doesn't last as long as advertised. It is easy enough to plug it in while in use if necessary.

Uber LED Sign
Thomas Gromme

Great Sign!

Uber LED Sign
Robert Smith
Looks great

Looks and works better then the round on I have and you don’t have to replace the batteries

Uber LED Sign
Kurt McCortney
Great Sign

Perfect for my needs!

Led sign

The sign is really good helps my customers identify me as I arrive to pick them up

Lyft LED sign

Love it just the right size and looks great at night!

Uber Lyft LED Sign
Lauren danjoi

Uber Lyft LED Sign

Uber Lyft LED Sign
Verlyn Timmons
Definitely standout!

Makes being spotted by riders very easy now and the battery life has lasted longer then expected..

Don’t buy anything else.

Best sign for Uber, Lyft, whatever. Pro grade. They should be buying these from you.


The LED sign is nicely lit, and stands out from anything else on the market in a stylish way. Love it

Uber LED Sign
Spencer Beckman

The item is precisely what I wanted/needed, it holds a charge great and it fits perfectly in the lower right corner of my windshield so that it doesn’t obstruct my view. It is easily seen from a distance outside the vehicle. I love it, thank you.

Uber LED Sign
Louis Swan II
Great Product

The Uber sign plaques are different and noticeable at night.


The sign does exactly as it said it would.

Uber Lyft LED Sign - Uppercase

Uber Lyft LED Sign
Alexis Velez
Ride share tag

Excellent tag should come with Velcro tape to use on different cares and Bluetooth on and off remote I would pay a little more but beside that it’s nice bright tag let me know if this idea comes out I will purchase it

Uber Lyft LED Sign
Mirza H Baig
Long lasting battery, and easy to install

Awesome product, strongly recommend

Uber LED Sign
Walter Burson

Easy to charge fix’s well on dash client state they can see it clearly at night

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