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Uber LED Light Sign
Joanne Lorrain
Uber signage

Sign lights up and is very visible when driving at night. I also leave them in my window when day driving. Signs hold their charge reliably for 8-10 hours when fully charged. Very good investment.

Excellent LED sign

I've been working for Uber for seven years and this LED sign is what I'm looking for!

Light sign

Love it! Stays on for a very long time before needing to be charged! I do delivery mainly at night so this thing absolutely helps me creep through neighhborhoods at night and not feel like I'm gonna get shot lol! Thanks again for a wonderful product!

Uber Lyft sign

I'm not one to use those overly bright signs, this is perfect. It looks great and I have one on my back glass window that's tinted and it shines right through. With it.

Great sign!

It will help my Uber driving business and make it easier for my Uber customers to find me….


No problem. Great service.
Perfect delivery. 🥰 product

Uber LED Light Sign
Mike Allbee
Great Product, Great Service

Received my order within days of ordering. Product is great quality and works quite well. Would order again

Great upgrade to your product. Had the older black and white one, with micro USB. The new one with the blue light is awesome, and the type c charger helps also. Love it

This is hands down the most professional car sign on the market.

Honestly, this thing blows everything else out of the water; the trade dress decal stickers, those Lite Brite looking Uber signs, nothing comes close.

The sign is completely visible from the outside. Day, night, rain, snow, your passengers *will* see you coming. It looks a little washed out in the night time photo but the colors are vivid and very noticeable. As a test, I turned it on and walked to the end of my block. Even with my headlights on, I could clearly see the sign in the window. My passengers were able to find me almost immediately, and I never had to call them and direct them to where I was parked.

From inside the cabin, you can definitely tell when the light is on at night, but not in an intrusive, "kids, please don't turn on the light when I'm driving" kind of way. It's just a strip of light on the glass around the edge, about as bright as my dashcam's button lights. It might take a bit to get used to, but no more than any other vehicle electronic. After a few minutes of driving I forget that it's even turned on.

As for battery life, I can't say for sure that they last 12 hours like the site says, but I'd believe it. As an experiment, I turned both of my signs on at night, and when I woke up they were still going strong. It will surely last for an average driving shift.

Overall, I'm incredibly happy with these signs, and would highly recommend them to anyone that does any kind of gig driving (I'll probably be picking up some Doordash signs as well). There are a number of things you'll want to invest in for gig driving, like a dashcam, phone charger, or a phone mount. A Huttronics sign should be on that list!

Uber Lyft LED Light Sign
Reyna Caraballo

Muy buena l recomiendo 💯

Uber LED Light Sign
Thomas Lehmann
Perfect Signage

Best sign on the market! I am happy to have found the sign - It is legible from a distance unlike the LED bulb signs that just glow in the window. Very inexpensive - I have a number of drivers asking me where they can purchase. Great job Huttronics!


Love the fact it's cordless when in use and easily rechargeable with my android USB c charger.

Uber LED Light Sign
Ruben Roy Ramos

Uber LED Light Sign

Uber LED Light Sign
Andrew Brosius
Uber led light

It is awesome works very well and made very well also

Uber LED Light Sign
A very satisfied customer

Everything was perfect 👍🏾

Uber Lyft LED Light Sign

Lyft LED Light Sign
Mohamed Coulibaly
LED LIGHT for Lyft

Nice and visible at night. I liked the product

A Much Improved Product

The new Red and blue lighted sign is better than earlier models - brighter, more eye-catching.

Uber Lyft LED Light Sign - Uppercase
Isaac Navarrete Gutierrez

El servicio fue de calidad y rápido por supuesto que volvería a comprar en esta tienda..

Uber LED Light Sign
Irene Ehrhardt
Uber LED light sign

Awesome !!! I love it . Best purchase ever!

Uber LED Light Sign
Justin Hudson
Fantastic sign

I drive overnight every night, and these signs stay charged every time without fail. They are the best quality of any sign I've seen on the internet. I want more of them

Lyft sign

This sign is awesome! Works perfectly and looks great!

Uber Blue LED Light Sign
Gerardo Ceron Ayala

I love it

Lyft LED Light Sign
Cullen Wharton
works great

I like it it looks great

Great light

My second one and will buy more! Best light I’ve found