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Uber Lyft LED Light Sign

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Buy the Uber Lyft LED Light Signs and stand out!

Shop the best Uber Lyft Light Signs at Huttronics!

Uber Lyft Light Signs for your car

If you're looking to make your vehicle stand out to customers, an Uber Lyft light is a must-have addition to your car to let passengers know you've arrived.

Our clever rideshare LED signs are a wireless accessory that can be stuck to your front windscreen that lights up to attract your customer's attention. Our signs use ultra-bright LED lights and come in a variety of color options and cool designs for you to choose from.

Our portable and non-intrusive sign measures just 4.72x4.72 inches and is extremely easy to mount in your car. The ultra-bright LED light sign is essential for any rideshare driver looking to gain more customers and more profit this year.

With a Huttronics light sign, you'll never have to worry about your customers getting lost again. Shop our four different designs today and start looking forward to a successful year of rideshare earnings.

Rideshare signs by Huttronics

We offer drivers a range of signs with the logos of the two biggest rideshare companies, so no matter who you're driving for, you can attract customers.

  • Uber: If you're driving for Uber, we have signs that will make your car noticeable.
  • Lyft: Lyft is a popular app with many drivers so it's even more important to help your car stand out.
  • Uber/Lyft: If you're driving for both companies, you don't have to worry about constantly switching signs, we sell signs with both logos on.

At Huttronics, we offer four types of Uber/Lyft LED Light Signs. Browse our collection and pick your favorite!

Driving Uber/Lyft? Here’s why should you buy an LED Light Sign

If you're driving for Uber or Lyft, an Uber Lyft LED sign is a must-have to let customers know when you've arrived or to let potential customers know you're available for a ride.

When you're picking customers up from crowded places like airports, or outside an event, customers can get lost and feel confused when trying to find you. This situation can cause unnecessary stress and give you a bad rating as a result.

With our ultimate rideshare sign, you can stand out day and night and find your customers easier. The bright lights of our signs are hard to miss, so you can easily improve customer satisfaction, your rating while enjoying more revenue and profits.

Top features of a Huttronics Uber Lyft sign

  • 12-hour run time
  • Perfect size to be noticeable to customers, without obstructing the driver's view
  • Rechargeable in 4 hours with a USB charger
  • Extremely easy installation
  • Superior quality so no more signs falling or weak holders
  • Bright lights glow day and night

Why shop Uber Lyft LED light signs with Huttronics

Huttronics is your go-to provider of light signs for work as a rideshare driver. We're specialized in creating top-quality light signs and are top-rated sellers with an average score of 4.8/5 based on 322 customer reviews.

Get your Uber Lyft sign today and enjoy free shipping to the United States, international shipping options, and a 30-day return window.


✔ NOTICEABLE– New design bright LED sign makes car visible at night.

✔ RECHARGEABLE– Use the USB cord (included) to charge up the led.

✔ WIRELESS– No messy wires to deal With. powered by a lithium battery.

✔ EFFORTLESS INSTALLATION–Place the mount on the windshield & slide led in.

✔ PERFECT SIZE– The 4.7 x 4.7 logo sign is very noticeable day & night.

Customer Reviews

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Reyna Caraballo

Muy buena l recomiendo 💯

Nelson Araujo

Uber Lyft LED Light Sign



Kevin Court
Great product!

These lit up signs work and look great! Love being able to charge them.

Renzo Ramirez
I recommend it

excellent product, very clean and represents professionalism, I recommend it 100%