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Lyft Light Signs for your car

Are you a Lyft driver wanting to make things as easy for riders as possible? Make your vehicle stand out with a Lyft LED Light Sign from Huttronics that will alert your rider that you've arrived.

The Huttronics rideshare signs for Lyft are the best way to draw attention to your vehicle, improve passenger well-being, and make yourself more money from the Lyft app.

The easy-to-install LED signs can be placed on your front windshield or dashboard and are made to help drivers get the most out of every new ride request. At a low cost to you, our signs could be the difference between making tips or getting bad ratings on your Lyft driver app account.

Designed to be portable and non-intrusive at just 4.72x4.72 inches in size, our wireless accessory will light up at the touch of a button with the Lyft logo, helping passengers locate you. Our lights come in different color options to choose from and are now essential for any Lyft driver looking to gain more customers and profit on their rides this year.

Never worry about your customers getting lost again with our LED device, and look forward to a successful year of running your rideshare business with free Lyft advertising.

Rideshare signs by Huttronics

No matter what company you're driving for, we have a range of designs for Lyft drivers that can help you attract your rider after they receive a notification on their phone that you arrived.

  • Uber: An essential sign for Uber employees to make your car stand out
  • Lyft: The best sign for Lyft's drivers to easily display you've arrived
  • Uber/Lyft: For drivers who work for both companies, we offer one sign with both logos

Driving Lyft? Here’s why should you buy an LED Light Sign

If you're driving for the Lyft app, a rideshare sign from Huttronics is an essential piece of hardware that lets customers know where you are or tell potential riders that you're available.

When you're picking up a rider from a crowded place like an airport or a busy restaurant, it's easy for customers to get lost or stressed when they can't see where you are on their app. That situation can cause them to give you a bad rating for your services.

With a Huttronics sign, your car will always stand out on your job. The bright LED signs are hard to miss and will quickly improve customer satisfaction and your Lyft ratings.

Top features of a Huttronics Lyft sign

  • Bright LED lights that can glow day and night
  • Robust design that can be easily mounted in your vehicle
  • Sign recharges in just 4 hours with a USB charger
  • 12-hour run time
  • Ideal size to stand out to customers without obstructing your view.

Why shop Lyft LED light signs with Huttronics

Huttronics is a leading provider of rideshare signs and is trusted among drivers of all leading companies. We're also a top-rated seller with an average score of 4.8/5 based on 322 customer reviews.

Get your Lyft sign today and enjoy free shipping to the United States, international shipping options, and a 30-day return window.